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Mart2Global GSM Turbo Voice Terminal /FCT/FWT connect your business with GSM world with its compact and intelligent XN-520TURBO terminal which satisfies your cost cutting voice communication need and provide next generation state of the art voice recording features.

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Mart2Global XN520TURBO GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal has provision to connect GSM Sim with two parallel FXS Ports. FXS Ports can be interface with any make of PBX, VoIP FXO gateways ,Telephone instrument, Dial pad for making and receiving calls via GSM network and has provision to connect with Desktop or Laptop via USB Port to use it's state of the art features via Mart2Global user friendly Software

Our Product GSM FCT Turbo can be equipped in Government Sectors, Travel Companies, Banking, Stock Markets, Call Centers, and many others organizations.

Focus on even abysmal element to the panoramic view of the product with indigenously developed technology backed us to set us apart from the market in this segment with valiance. The company’s approach to strategically invest on team of engineers, research and development of our products has backed our customer base and Mart2Global informatics with fruitful results.

Salient Features

IVR Base Routing

Mart2Global XN520 TURBO IVR with call routing lets you route your customer calls to teams or agents with a customizable call flow mechanism. Every key press can be configured to trigger an action to optimize your call flow. For example, you could have your customer calls forwarded to your support team when they press 1, and to somebody from sales when they press 2.

Voice Mail Facility

Mart2Global GSM Voice Terminal XN520 TURBO is accessible with in-built voice mail facility, which automatically plays pre-uploaded greeting and give provision to customers to leave their voice message with contact number detail pending the discussion time every hour.

Easy to Install

GSM Voice Terminal XN520 TURBO plug and play installation procedure offer our customers an ease.

User Friendly GUI

The interface design of Mart2Global GSM voice terminal XN520 TURBO is clear, concise, institutive and responsive, which help our users to utilize features efficiently.

Conference Call

Mart2Global XN520 TURBO offers multiparty conference (up to 8 parties) on GSM network with no drop in voice quality.

Auto Dialer

An Auto Dialer feature of Mart2Global XN520 Turbo is operationally and economically feasible for any enterprise as it helps the user's efficiency by 200-300% by lessening idle time and proportionately expanding the discussion time every hour.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Terminal XN520 TURBO's Voice Broadcasting is highly effective way of communication by businesses to improvise their services by gathering the genuine feedback from the customers.

Rugged Design

The expertise team of Mart2Global has made complete state of art for producing impeccable quality GSM voice terminals. We make sure the conformity of testing from basic raw material to final product to achieve high -level performance in terms of eradicating electrical noise, enhancing circuit speed for audio transmitter and receiver side and deliver rugged product to our customers.

Hot Dialing

Mart2Global GSM Voice Terminal XN520 is accessible with Hot dialing facility, that will automatically establish a link with a predetermined number following a couple of moments handset is being lifted or hook off.

Welcome Messages

Mart2Global GSM Voice terminal XN520 TURBO offers plenty of customizable messages, meeting the need of the organization. In the long run, it will become a building block in the overall performance of the company.

High Gain Antenna

High Gain Antenna - Sometimes due to uneven geographical locations, congested area, or any obstruction between voice terminal and cell tower, signal strength gets diminished. our Mart2Global GSM Voice Terminal XN520TURBO has the provision of 3 mtr. wire antenna with high gain that has the ability to receive more signal.

Click to Call

Dialing a new number or remembering old one number is always a cumbersome task. click to call meets the requirements of markets and it refers to ability to import a contact list from your system, choose any contact from the GUI with dynamic searching facility and make a call with a single click.

Black List Unwanted Numbers

Being prudent in time management is the key to productivity, then why to waste human resources on unnecessary calls. the Mart2Global voice terminals XN520 TURBO accessible with black listing features, which enables the user to make backlist of telephone numbers and prohibit those undesirable calls.

Speed Dial

This feature is useful for those who dial certain numbers on regular basis. Mart2Global GSM Voice Terminal XN520 TURBO have arrangement of 100 number double digits speed dial.

Tagging & Notation

Important calls can be flag/tag for future reference at remote agent/office can be automatically update in Mart2Global centralize management software. In addition, notes/remarks can be added on important calls and search or prepare report when require.

LED Indication

    1. Power Indicator
  • White LED glow show indication of Device ON Condition
  • 2. Outgoing Call Status
  • When Pick Headset LED Show RED Color Indication
  • When Call connect to customer LED show GREEN Indication
  • 3. Incoming Call Status
  • When incoming call come LED Show RED Indication
  • When attend the call LED Show GREEN Indication
  • 4. Signal Strength Indicator
  • Signal reception available (More Bars mean better Reception 1 & 2 Bars Mean No Signal 3 Bars Means weak signal 4 Bars Means good signal)
Accessories Connectivity
Technical Specifications
Model No :
XN-520FCT Basic GSM device for voice application
SIM Port :
GSM SIM Cards Frequency Bands Quad-band-GSM850/1900MHz, 900/ 1800 MHz phase 2+full band
SIM Interface 1.8, 3V SIM Interface
SIM card Slot Nano sim card
Antenna amplifying 3.5db (omni-direction)
Antenna Connection SMA antenna connection
FXS Port :
Connector 2 parallel RJ11 Connector
Dialling and Reception DTMF Dialling
Answering and Disconnect Signalling Polarity reversal for call Connect/Disconnect signalling
Dial tone frequency 450MHz
Picking off voltage 30mA/41mA
Power Supply :
Input External power adaptor 100-240 VAC, 47-63HZ Output: @1.25A
Power Consumption 5W (Typical)
Operation Circumtance :
Operation Temperature -10C~60C
Storage Temperature -20C~70C
Operation Humidity 45%-95%
Others :
Mounting option Wall Mount and table Top
Device Dimensions (LXWXH) 163mmx113mmx32mm
Packing Box Dimensions (LXWXH) 257mmx193mmx64mm
Actual Weight 450 gm
Volumetric Weight 800 gm
Packaging Standard Carton, 20PCS/Carton
Minimum PC Requirement :
For Single User
Operating System WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 & Any Server
CPU Dual Core & Above
RAM 2 GB & Above
Harddisk 500GB & Above
Connectivity Mode USB Connectivity
For Multi User/Multi Locations : Agent Side
Operating System WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 & Any Server
CPU Dual Core & Above
RAM 2 GB & Above
Harddisk 500GB & Above
Connectivity Mode USB Connectivity
For Multi User/Multi Locations : Server Side
Operating System WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 & Any Server
CPU i5 and above depend on No. of user connected
RAM 8GB and above depend on NO. of user connected
Harddisk 1 TB and above
IP Static IP for Multi Location Setup
Bandwidth Depend on Number of Multi Location users

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